Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk March 2011

The second Thursday of every month, something called "Downtown Art Walk" takes place. Basically, a lot of locales are opened to the public, most of them are art galleries, but you can also find a few bands playing that night.

It's pretty cool because LA is a "car city", if you want to go "anywhere" you need a car. So to be able to walk on the streets, mix with other human beings, breath the air, feel the cold breeze, (things that a new yorker is used to) is a pretty cool feeling. Add to that that your looking at some nice art, and it ends up being a pretty interesting night.

I'm not into art, I don't usually visit art galleries, but this event is pretty cool, I've already attended 2 artwalks this year, and I plan on attending the next one in April.
 It's one of those things that a lot of "angelenos" don't even know about, or if they do, it's pretty normal they have never attended one.

One last thing, of the more than 25 locales that participate, I only attended less than 10. Next time, I'll try to make it to the ones I missed.

+ And this is the first video with subtitles! I used a program called Miyu, for Macs.
+ Interested in Woody? Click here. And, here's the website: coolz hand crafts
+ Last night I had a late edit session, from 10pm to 2am. Got a lot done.
+ The Champions League draw was today... oh my ManUnited, looks like you're not going through the next round; it's against the shaddy blues, a team that always manages to win against the Red Devils. Enought of football, that's topic for another post.
+ Another week gone...
+ I wonder if I'll be able to ride the bike tomorrow, depends on the weather.

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