Robert Rodriguez and Me

NO es ningún secreto que uno de mis ídolos es Robert Rodríguez; por lo que encontrar este video fue una maravilla; y verlo, fue un placer.

Taken from the youtube page:

In the first lecture of the 2011 University Lecture Series, Professor Charles Ramírez Berg of the Department of Radio-TV-Film tells the story of his two-decade-long relationship with director Robert Rodriguez. Beginning with Robert's first student film (Bedhead), he discusses how he went on to make his first feature, El Mariachi, for $7,000 in the summer of his junior year, and how those two films got him a contract with Columbia Pictures. In the process, Ramírez Berg discusses the lessons he learned from his celebrated student and will conclude with the secrets of Robert's success, which students can use during their careers here at UT.